What is this Blog?

In Fall, 2015, I will officially begin dissertation hours at the University of Alabama. This blog is to serve two purposes in my dissertation work. First it will give me some public accountability for my work on the blog.

I was fascinated a few years ago with the story of the scale that would tweet your weight. With this sort of public exposure of the user's weight, it would make someone think twice before a second dessert or a candy bar in the afternoon. By blogging every step of the process, hopefully daily, my progress is publicly accountable. Members of the committee can monitor my process as they will. If I go for several days without working on the dissertation, anyone can see it.

Secondly, the blog will serve as an organizational tool. Articles that are summarized, qualitative methods that are explored, organizational discussion, all will be tagged appropriately. When it is needed, any article may be found via the search or by its tags. The blog is not only for public accountability, but a modern version of the note cards.

Join me in my trip through this process. My original musings on the subject of the dissertation are posted in September, 2013 and the blog picks up as I am ABD and looking at dissertation hours in two months.

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